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Reports and Audits

Reports and audits provide details on every action that goes on within drug manager. Because controlled drug legislation requires very strict auditing of every action that happens to a drug from the moment it enters the system to the moment it leaves, the auditing section is very detailed and allows the users to filters the audits in a variety of ways. Audits are also grouped together to make it simpler to find the information you need. Reports can be accessed by pressing the reports button on the menu or the reports and Audits button on the home screen

Reports are grouped into 4 categories

Drug delivery:

Drug delivery shows every delivery that has being entered into the system. Deliveries can be searched by a number of fields, for example, entering a delivery date will show all deliveries that occurred on that date or entering the order number will shows deliveries with that order number, fields can be combined to make searches more accurate.

For more search options click the filter button to show all options:

See below for an example of how to search for deliveries:

Current stock:

Sometimes it’s nice to get an overview of all the drugs at a practice. Pressing current stock initially gives you a list of all drugs in drug manager. Using the filters at the top you can show all drugs in a location or in a specific container. Should you need to view information about the delivery a drug came in then there is a view delivery button to give more information.

User actions:

User actions displays every action a user has performed with a drug, from the moment it entered the system to the moment it left. User actions contains a lot of information so the filter options at the top allow you to restrict the report to only show the information you are interested in. To provide more filter options press the filter button which will show you the following options:

For example you may wish to show all actions a user has performed in a one week time period in a specific container, using a combination of the filter options you can quickly get the actions you’re interested in. Once you find an action you want to view more information about simply click the action row and you’re able to view all the information you need about that action:

Stock take:

Stock takes are required when managing controlled drugs. To make this process as simple as possible drug manager allows you to navigate to a container and allows the user to enter the Actual drugs stock for that item, drug manager automatically works out if there’s is a discrepancy and requires the user to enter a reason for the discrepancy. Once all the values have been entered press

See below for an example of how the stock take page detects discrepancies and prompts the user for more information




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