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In order to compete this action you need to log in to FPMS Pro and browse the PM Web Tools. See the "Logging In" help article and Getting Started with FPMS Pro for more details.

What does it do?

  • The calendar presents you with an effective way of informing everyone about what is going on for each day in your practice. 
  • The calender interacts with some other features (such as holiday planner, to do lists), so you can have an overview of everything going on in the practice.



  1. Show today
  2. Show day view
  3. Show week view
  4. Show month view
  5. Select Date
  6. Enable/Disable Holiday entries
  7. Enable/Disable Sickness entries
  8. Enable/Disable To Do entries
  9. Enable/Disable Journal entries
  10. Print

How do I add a calendar entry? 


  1. Enter details
  2. Select the start date
  3. Select the end date
  4. Select if you want the entry to last all day, repeat or set a reminder
  5. Select a colour which will show on the calendar

To add a new calendar entry, simply select the icon from anywhere within the calendar or click
on the title of the day.

You will then see the calendar dialogue box appear with options for you. You can enter the text for your entry, make it either an all day event or give it a specified time, make it a repeating item (ie. appears weekly, etc) and assign a colour which will highlight it in the calendar. You can also set it to be relevant only for you by ticking the “personal” box. This means the calendar entry will only appear for the user you are logged in as and no-one else will be able to view your entry.

How do I change the calendar views and filters? 

There are different views you can set the calendar to use. These are daily, weekly or
monthly by choosing the numbered calendar at the top. You can always return to today by clicking the icon.

If you wish to go into the future or the past, you can select a date from the “current date” box. Once you have selected your preferred date, you will need to click on “refresh” to load the calendar for that date.

How do I search the calendar?

You can search the calender via the search field at the top of the page. Select the search button (magnifying glass) and the calendar will display any relevant searches.

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