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Adding Opening Times

Please note: this article is only applicable to websites built after November 2018.

This article shows you how to add your practice opening times to your website.

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You will need to log in to FPMS/ FPMS Pro to access the opening times tool.


  1. Logged in to FPMS/FPMS Pro and go to Website Tools > Opening Hours.
  2. Click the ‘+Create new opening times’ button on the right hand side.
  3. If you are a practice with fixed opening hours you need only add one week of opening hours.
  4. Click ‘Add Opening Hours’ on the left hand side and enter the times (eg. 9.00-5.00).
  5. Give the set of times a name.
  6. Select a day and add the opening hours you have created to the schedule.
  7. Select a start date and leave the finishing date blank so this will just roll on.
  8. Alternatively, if you know your opening times will be changing set a finish date and then create a new set of times for the new period with an appropriate start and finish date.
  9. Once you have added all your opening hours click the Save button at the bottom on the left.
  10. You can then add the opening times widget to your website to display the opening hours. See How do I add opening hours.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Ensure you add your opening times on your web page by adding the widget.
  • Don’t add more than one of the same shift patterns for other days, you can use the same shift pattern on multiple days.

Common Problems/Mistakes

I've set my opening hours but they're not appearing on the website.
Ensure that you have added the opening times widget to your site and that you have made the widget visible.

Common Questions/FAQs

We have a branch site, can we show their opening times too?
The opening times tool allows you to add branch sites too. The tool allows you to add more than one set of opening times which you can then name. When you add the widget you will see a drop down menu which allows you to choose which practice opening times to display.

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