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How to use the Prescriptions Manager

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Please note: this article is only applicable to websites built after November 2018.

This article covers how to use the Prescription Manager.

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This article is only relevant if you are using the My Surgery Website online prescriptions system. If you are using any other clinical system for online prescriptions please ignore this section.

Access and process received orders via the Prescription Manager tool in FPMS/FPMS Pro.


  1. Login to FPMS/FPMS Pro and go to Website Tools > Prescription Manager.
  2. You will see a list of submitted orders which shows the name and date of birth of the patient, the date submitted and if a collection point has been selected.
  3. Click on a form row to view the details.
  4. At the bottom of the details you will find options to approve (or not) the request, add comments and mark it as processed (or not).
  5. When you have made a change click the Save button.
  6. You can approve or print orders in bulk. Tick the check boxes next to the required orders then click the green Actions button on the top right hand side and select the required action.
  7. You can search the list for a patient's name using the search box and green search button.
  8. You can choose to show only the processed requests using the "Show processed only" tickbox and green search button.
  9. To see a list of your registered users click the green Actions button on the top right hand side and View Registered Users.

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Common Problems/Mistakes

I can't see any forms in my list.
Try ticking the Show processed only checkbox and clicking the Search button.

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