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Configuring the MSW prescription order form

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Please note: this article is only applicable to websites built after November 2018.

This article covers how to configure the My Surgery Website online prescription ordering form.

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This article is only relevant to the My Surgery Website prescription ordering form. If you are using any other clinical system for online prescriptions please ignore this section.


  1. To open the Prescription Settings log in to the website editor and click the grey arrow icon in the top left and corner. A side menu will appear.
  2. The Prescription settings are found under the purple section. Click Prescription.
  3. The prescription form settings will load in the main window.
  4. To add a collection point for patients to select from type the name in the Collection Points text field and click the Add button. You can add as many as required. When you have finished click Save.
  5. To edit a collection point for patients to select from amend the name in the Collection Points list and click Save.
  6. To remove a collection point for patients to select from click the Remove button next to the collection point you wish to delete. Click Save.
  7. To make using ID compulsory,so that patients must enter their NHS number or some other kind of ID when they make a request for a repeat prescription, use the Yes/No selector then click Save.
  8. To add a notice to the top of the order form enter your text in the "Message for your patients" text area. You can use the editor tools to style your notice. Click Save.
  9. To customise the confirmation email that patients receive after submitting the order form enter your text in the "Confirm email message" text area. You can use the editor tools to style your message. Click Save.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Keep notices and confirmation emails short and concise. These are best used for important notices.

Common Problems/Mistakes

I've added collection points/a patient notice/confirmation message but it's not appearing on the form/email.
Check that you clicked the Save button after adding the details.

I've added a confirmation email message but my patients aren't receiving it.
Patients will only receive a confirmation email if they select this on their order form.

Common Questions/FAQs

I've chosen to use the My Surgery Website online prescriptions system. Where can access and process the received orders?
Orders submitted via the MSW system are found in the Prescription Manager tool in FPMS/FPMS Pro

Can I add a link to the order form notice or confirmation email?
Yes, you can include links. Use the link button in the editor toolbar.

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